Fibreglass Pool Repairs

With the proper care a fiberglass pool will provide many years of swimming pleasure to you and your family. However, after a period of time you may need to do some small pool repairs to keep your swimming pool in a pristine condition, as the elements and natural wear and tear may cause cracks in the mould of your pool.

Fibreglass pools are made from a concrete cast that have a fibreglass finish or outer covering and make very attractive swimming pools. Fibreglass swimming pools are also easy to maintain if properly installed.

A simple fibreglass pool repair kit can be purchased from your local swimming pool repair shop or hardware store. For the best results, follow the instructions on the kit or contact a pool repair company.

Small cracks in a fibreglass swimming pool are relatively easy to repair by yourself. Firstly, drain enough water to expose the cracked area, and wash it well. Give it a few hours to dry out completely. Next, use a medium grit sandpaper and sand the crack and the area around it. The surface area that needs to be repaired should be relatively smooth.

Apply the adhesive resin to the crack and sanded area. The sandpaper will help the adhesive to adhere to the surface of your swimming pool. Next, apply the filler to the crack and smooth it as much as possible. Once the filler is dry the area around the crack should be masked off before applying the bonding gel to the wall of the pool and the fibreglass lining.

Another coat of bonding gel must be applied to the fibreglass lining and any bumps of air pockets should be smoothed out. Leave the repaired area to dry completely before sanding lightly.

Bulging pall wools and large cracks that cannot be easily repaired may need more specialised treatment. If this is the case, it may be better to contact professional a pool repair company to assess the damage and give you a quotation.

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