Brick Supply

As times, needs and the economy change, the Paving Market strives to match the needs of our consumers.

We have recently noticed that more and more people prefer to take the DIY route when getting the job done – here are some of the reasons as to why:

  • Consumers gave a deposit to someone who promised to do the job for a tempting price, and then end up losing their money when the contractor disappears with it.
  • Consumers find it much cheaper to install their paving stones themselves, than to pay a company to do it for them.

The Paving Market now offers a wide variety of paving bricks to choose from, at a reduced price that cannot be matched!

The bricks for sale from The Paving Market are kept at our yard and we only keep a sample of brick paving stones in our yard. In addition, we have our range of bricks for sale on our website, as well as pictures of the different bricks available. We keep our costs down by not using a big yard, or the additional staff that needs to accompany it – saving us money and keeping our brick prices lower for you our valued clients. This means that we can pass our saving on bricks for sale to our customers.

Buying bricks or paving bricks from The Paving Market is easy – choose the bricks you like, contact us for a quote, and as soon as you have paid – we will deliver! We deliver bricks to the whole Gauteng area.

Please have a look at our range of bricks and paving bricks for sale and contact us for any advice or a quote for your paving bricks.

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