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Flagstone pool and entertainment area
Patio paving 600 x 600 Colonial Stone Granite
Colonia Stone Cobbles 250 x 250 Mushroom
Colonia Stone 220 x 220 Flame Granite Flagstone
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Your Dream Paving is Here

Enjoy working with a leading company

The Paving Market is committed to offering customers quality work and complete customer satisfaction. Would you like your paving to last?The Paving Market only works with fully trained teams and does not sub contract any of its work. when we talk quality, would you be happy if your bricks disintegrate or fade? All of the products used by the Paving Market carry the SABS Mark on them and are First grade. Only brand names are used, this include: INFRASET, COROBRIK, STONE AGE, MVA AND SMART STONE.

Our work carries a 25 year guarantee on installation. The Paving Market will not hesitate to undertake small jobs as well as larger industrial work. At all times you can be assured of owner supervision and attention. Furthermore should you wish to renew your old paving we can offer you a number of affordable options. By choosing The Paving Market to do your work, you can be assured of working with a company who values its customers, stands by its guarantee and strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.


The Perfect Surrounding

 Your home is your greatest investment ever isn’t it?Research has shown that paving your home with a reputable paving company will increase the value of your home. Whether you choose to install brick paving to your driveway, garden pathways, patio area or swimming pool surrounds; good quality paving increases the value of your most important asset.

How would you like your entertainment area to look like that?

At The Paving Market we understand that in today’s difficult financial times new brick paving is often not within one’s budget. Keeping this in mind we offer the option of renewing your paving. This option is very cost effective and gives you paving that looks brand new. Paving renewal works well on clay paving bricks. When we assess your paving to be renewed we will allow for a percentage of new paving bricks to account for the few old bricks we may not be able to use.

The Best Experience Ever

The Paving Installation Process. Before starting any paving job we establish with the client, where he wants his water to run to. Will than recommend the best solution. Isn't it what you'll expect from a leading company? Once established and agreed on the water run we will show the client the different laying options. Only once these aspects have been established will the team start removing the grass, concrete or old paving stones to get the required levels. Once completed the ground will be compacted to be able to carry traffic of up to 3 ton vehicles. Then a layer of 20 mm river sand bedding is laid, on which the bricks are laid onto. After all bricks are laid, we cut to fit the header course that is laid on a concrete foundation, where bricks are not supported with a wall. The next stage is where the job will be completed by grouting with wet plaster sand mixed with cement. The plate compacting machine is also used during this process, securing that all gaps are filled with grout.

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