What Is Paving?

Paving: Like you say cars, like there are many kind of cars so are bricks. There are many kind of bricks to choose from.


The Paving Market have been around for 31 years now ,specializing in paving, pool paving ,driveway paving ,patio paving backyard paving, and pools.

Paving Bricks/what kind of bricks are there 

To Categorize them you get 3 categories.

Cement /dry cast

Clay/broken clay Cobbles,

 Concrete pavers /wet cast/cobbles.

Therefore one must know what to look for.

The Information we need so we can help :

How will The Paving Market help you do just that. Asking you few questions will establish for you and for us  what paving brick you must look at.

What are you going to pave? Do you know  the size +/- that you need to cover ? Have you got a  budget you have allocated for your paving? 

Now that we know more: 

With this information at hand we can help you complete your paving project with the correct brick that would suit your budget. Understanding what one looks at  will determine whether the budget allocated is correct or needs to be adjusted . 

The Paving Market will make sure that you understand what is paving all about.


On Offer by The Paving Market a full range of Cement Pavers as well as a whole new range of clay Corobrik pavers such as cottage Cobbles Piazza and the standard conventional clay paver known as the 220 x 110 x 50 mm .

You will also find  broken red and tan clay cobbles which we lay in a circular pattern highly attractive and cheap.


Wet Cast Paving Category 3 is mainly used on pool areas patios and entertainment areas. There are 2 kinds of wet cast pavers  Flagstone pavers and cobbles, with sized at 100 x 100 – 250 x 250 mm are cobbles and 300 x 300 -750 x 750 mm are known as Flagstones.


How we do it for you, The Paving Market  offers supply only and a complete installation. It is an extra opportunity for you the client to choose whether you’d like to do a D I Y  job or handle to project to us to construct your paving for you.