Are your quotations free?


Do you come out to do a quotation?

Yes we do.  We will require a deposit of R 500 which will form a part of your total cost.

What must I do to get a quote?  

Submit an inquiry with your  Name, phone number, email address, the kind of brick you would like to use, delivery address and +/- m2 you would like to cover and the area you would like to pave ie drive way, patio. If you are not sure what brick you would like to use, have a look at our wide range of bricks list on the right hand side of our home page. Click any on the list and a gallery of pictures of that exact brick will open and you can which one of the bricks you like most.

What happens if I’m not sure which brick to choose?

You can choose as many bricks as you like and then ask us to phone you to establish which brick would suit the area you wish to pave as well as your budget.

What is the R 500 deposit for?

The Paving Market can give you a fairly accurate Quote on the phone and confirm it with a formal quote emailed to you from the information you provide us. To us a paving job is a paving job, scarifying the levels and compaction of the area to be paved is a part of the installation process for the paving. Once we give you the price that is going to be the price, but if you are uncertain as to the measurements you provided only then once you confirm that our price is within your budget we will ask you to pay a deposit of R500 to make sure you are interested in employing The Paving Market to do your job.

How much is the deposit we need to pay in order to give The Paving Market the go ahead to do our paving project?

Our Quotes are done on a formal Pro Forma invoice.

We give you a complete breakdown of costs as to bricks, sand, cement, site establishment (the deposit part of the installation work) and laying of the paving costs that include the whole process from beginning to a completed job. We can offer few different ways of payment.

Option 1. Pay for all materials, bricks, sand, cement and the site establishment and balance on completion of the job is the part of the installation.

Option 2. Pay for your bricks. Once bricks have been delivered pay the balance for the rest of the materials and site establishment and the team will come to do the installation of your paving. Once the project has been completed and checked by yourself that all is to your satisfaction you pay the balance.

There are so many fly by nights how do I know that I will receive my bricks?

At The Paving Market we are aware of those fly by nights out. We have referrals on our web site that you can check by clicking on our Testimonials button on our menu bar on the top of our home screen. Alternatively ask us to email you some.

For more information please send us your inquiry form on our contact us and we will gladly phone you and help you with any query you might have.  Call 073 442 1130 or email