Research has shown that paving your home with a reputable paving company will increase the value of your home. Whether you choose to pave your driveway,garden pathways, patio area or swimming pool surrounds; good quality paving will increase the value of your most important asset.

Range of Paving and Paving Suggestions
Today’s home owner has a variety of paving bricks and paving styles to choose from. One can select to install cobble brick paving; clay brick paving; cementbrick paving or even simulated stone paving.

Cobble brick paving
Cobble brick paving will suit the homeowner who is working to a strict budget.Cobble paving, also known as broken brick paving, is very suitable to use as paving for a driveway, car port area, garden pathways or to pave an entertainment area. Cobble brick paving looks very attractive when laid in a circular pattern.

Cement brick paving
Cement brick paving is available in a wide range of colurs. Brick colours include:grey, charcoal, multi-blend, tan, plum and brown. Cement brick paving is usually manufactured as a whole brick. There are however cobble style cement paving bricks which give the appearance of “old style” cobble paving. Cement brickpaving is suitable for use on a driveway, carport, garden path, entertainment areaor pool surrounds.

Clay brick paving
Clay brick paving is often described as the “classic” paving brick. Clay brickpaving is available in a range of colours. Brick colours include Nutmeg, TuscanBlend, Cederburg, Burgandy and Champagne. Clay brick paving is a very versatile choice of paving and can be laid in a range of styles. Clay brick pavingis suitable for the paving of driveways, car ports, entertainment areas and looks very elegant around swimming pools.

Simulated stone paving
Simulated stone paving is a modern style paving brick. Simulated stone paving is available in a range of colours and size of paving stone. While simulated paving is ideal for use in the garden, on a patio or entertainment area as well as to use around a swimming pool, The Paving Market does not recommend it for use on adriveway or high vehicle traffic area.

Renewing your Paving and increasing the value of your home
At The Paving Market we understand that in today’s difficult financial times new brick paving is often not within one’s budget. Keeping this in mind we offer the option of renewing your paving. This option is very cost effective and gives you paving that looks brand new. Paving renewal works well on clay paving bricks.When we assess your paving to be renewed we will allow for a percentage of new paving bricks to account for the few old bricks we may not be able to use.

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