The Installation Process

Before starting any paving job, we will establish with the client, where he wants his water to run to and recommend the best solution. We will then show the client the different laying options for their new brick paving. Only once these aspects have been established will the team start removing the grass, concrete or old paving stones and start scarfying the ground to get the required levels.

Once this is completed the ground will be compacted to be able to carry traffic of up to 3 ton vehicles. Then a layer of 20mm river sand bedding is laid, on which the bricks are laid onto. After all bricks are laid, we cut to fit the header course that is laid on a concrete foundation, where bricks are not supported with a wall. The next stage is where the job will be completed by grouting with wet plaster sand mixed with cement. The plate compacting machine is also used during this process, securing that all gaps between the brick paving is filled with grout.