Now new to The Paving Market A whole Tar division with combined experience of 35 years.

Tar you either know it or you don’t, and we know tar upside down. Now that the price of bricks has hit the roof tar has become the answer of many households in Johannesburg.  Tar is and always been a much harder wearing material than any brick on the market.

When it comes to durability Tar doesn’t have any weeds problem Tar wont ever show tyers marks Tar doesn’t have any grooves that will hold leaves on it.

Tar is maintenance free and will always stay nice and black as it doesn’t fade. Tar is done in a home driveway complex roads domestic tar industrial and commercial Tar.

to some it up Tar is maintenance free  tar is a  cheaper solution to paving what’s more Tar is laid today and you can drive on it the same day.

The Paving Market Offers 30 mm tar  50 mm tar and repair to existing tar.

when you talk about tarring think The Paving Market.

commercial tar project

Another completed commercial tar projects


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